Hi I’m Jeff, a Web Developer

I help businesses, individuals and start-ups by providing website development and website design services. I'm a complete one-man web design company delivering more punch per pound and a higher attention to detail. With my own planet-friendly web hosting service, I also look after you on the road ahead with one-to-one web support.

Need Website Help?

I’m available to discuss, plan and quote for your project and my advice is always free! I’m based in Hampshire (South UK) but only one Zoom call away from being anywhere in the world.


I do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with the web, but these are some of the more common services I provide for clients.

Web Design

Web Design

As a web designer, I deal with the research and idea stages of a development project. Working with stakeholders through a structured process to combine research data, branding and project goals to produce visual blueprints of the final product. Every aspect of the target-users needs must be considered to successfully inform the designs.

Web Development

Web Development

As a web developer, I write website and web app core systems. Coding with an array of web programming languages, the components required to serve content and functionality are constructed. I engineer a web hosting environment to serve the website and manage site traffic, security and performance. The front end is built and styled with a continuous develop and test cycle to ensure the interface is on-spec with the intended experience.

WordPress Expert

WordPress Expert

WordPress is the worlds number one website platform which as of January 2022 powers 43% [1] of all websites! It's a versatile and user-friendly platform that was originally built for blogging but now powers everything from e-commerce to social media platforms. The real power of WordPress is in its infinite potential.

With WordPress I can quickly launch a website with the aid of existing themes and plugins. If you have big ideas but a tight budget, we can achieve great results by off-setting development time with these existing building blocks.

WordPress provides a great content management system (CMS) core, giving website owners infinite control to create and manage the content of their website. I can build a bespoke 'back-end' to manage any type of content you may want to publish to your website, whether it be a blog post, a product or a property listing.

For large projects, your requirements are the limit, and if it appears WordPress may not be the best fit for your needs, no problem! While I love WordPress, I'm a platform-agnostic developer and will ensure your website or web app is launched on the best platform for the job. Even if that solution is no existing platform at all and we code from scratch.

[1] source: https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-statistics/

Hosting and Support

Hosting and Support

I manage all the technical elements of the website, hosting, emails and other cloud services to take these concerns away from the daily running of your business. I can even adopt an existing site with a support plan providing advice on digital next steps to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Whether building from scratch, or improving the performance of an existing site, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital consideration.

The way a website is presented to search engines determines how a search engine such as Google or Bing, ranks your website in its search results. It doesn't matter if you have pages and pages of juicy content if your potential customers aren't being shown your website when they search for services you might provide.

By comparing your goals with the market landscape and the measured SEO performance of any existing sites, I compile an SEO plan to push your website under the noses of search engine users.

From here I can either provide a report for your consideration, or perform all changes on your behalf. This will likely involve improvements to your website template markup (code), your content both written and visual and other domain-affecting assets e.g. email campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, I leverage web-based channels and search engine optimisation to help spread a message. Starting from the ground up, web pages are coded with semantically logical structure, meaningful linking and adoption of the Open Graph protocol for rich social media integration. I perform AND implement full technical SEO audits on existing sites. Paid advertising is used across Google, Bing, and social platforms to maximise outreach while organic content gains traction.

Working With Me

There are many benefits to working with me, not least becauase it's just easy. Whether you're an established team looking for support from a developer or a solo-entrepenear bewildered by the confusing website market, I'm here to help.

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Complete Solution

By adapting a development model I adopted in high street retail and eCommerce, I provide a resourceful and complete solution to web development. I drive projects from conception to completion, from research and design to development and deployment and even provide hosting and support.

Personal Service

I'll always be your direct point of contact, and getting to know you means we collaborate in a style that works best. The wonderful thing about people is we're all different. I aim to accommodate all and love learning about individual requirements, so I approach every challenge with your perspective in mind. I don't believe one size fits all, so I build bespoke solutions from the ground up wherever it adds value to your brand.


As an experienced project manager, I foresee opportunities for improvement early on. Being an independent developer, I adapt quickly without the delay of meetings and sign-offs between teams. Your budget gets used efficiently, and I have the insight to provide solutions and keep milestones on target when running large projects.


I've worked most roles in eCommerce, including being on the front line with customers, so I know first-hand the problems site owners and users face. Having a diverse development skillset means I know immediately what is possible and how best to apply your budget. My solutions are focused on the best outcome for all involved, keeping your customers happy and your business profitable.

Value For Money

I code everything as if it were my own, following strict standards to ensure longevity and adaptability as your needs grow. Your website is an investment in your brand, and your audience will judge your credibility on it. I make sure your budget works hard to set you aside from the crowd, and with less spent on web agency overheads, there's more to put to work.


I see my projects through for the long journey ahead, providing dedicated website hosting and technical support. I provide training and documentation where needed and perform ongoing maintenance to keep your website current. Part of that maintenance is keeping your website up to date with the latest technologies for optimum performance and security. It also means your website remains easily adaptable and compatible with add-on functionality, even if you decide to work with other developers.

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Get in Touch

I'm always able to make time to look at new projects so if you have something you're looking for help with, just send me a message. I can talk, video call, email or meet face to face, I'm very flexible!